Drum Magic 2.0 is a program created for Activity Directors in Senior Communities based upon Jana Broder’s vast experience and best practices from 15 years of being a professional Drum Circle Facilitator. She drums in a variety of settings and with a wide range of ages, abilities, cultures, and personalities.

Her successful style of facilitating rhythm based events has proven highly effective in corporate environments as well as prisons, schools, senior care communities, camps, festivals, etc. Participants who drum in a Drum Magic event share the same benefits whether they may be the CEO of a large company or an underprivileged child in a correctional institute. Research and numerous scientific studies have demonstrated what Jana sees first hand when drumming with others; Drumming in a group environment reduces stress, eases depression, promotes physical and emotional healing, builds and strengthens community, is effective and fun exercise, reduces social anxiety, enhances cognitive functioning, and much more.

Of all the populations that Jana has drummed with, our aging population has been the most rewarding and revealing to her. Participants of every drum circle go through a change, however the seniors have the most profound transformations. For many of these individuals, drumming creates an awakening of a spirit in them that has been asleep for way too long.

A few of the comments she has received from seniors after drumming include:

“My hands haven’t been this warm in 20 years.”

“I have never seen our group all laughing and smiling at the same time.”

“Drumming eases my depression.”

“The drum circle gives me something really fun to look forward to.”

“Drumming lifts my spirits and helps me not to feel so alone.”

“Drumming is an antioxidant for the soul.”

“I want to do this every day!”

“Drumming helps me forget my worries.”

“I feel so alive after we drum.”

Every senior community would benefit from a regularly scheduled drumming and rhythm event based on the Drum Magic 2.0 program. The positive effects from healthier and happy residents would increase the quality of life for everyone, staff and residents alike. As one recent administrator commented, “Happy residents make for happy staff members.”